To the tune of: Pharell Williams; ‘Happy’

Woke up hungover on a Monday
Sunshine’s blinding me on this highway
Feeling pretty nauseous and I have the shakes
Last night I felt 20 years old, today 68

Must find coffee
Rude wake up call, guess I’m not bulletproof
Seriously, coffee
Definitely not feeling like I want to raise the roof (ever…again)
Hazelnut or toffee
Can’t call off on a Monday, people will know the spoof
Black or frappe
I don’t care, I just don’t wanna puke

Here comes my boss and he wants to chat
Asking what I did last night; party at a frat?
Can we meet at 10; better not decline
Something about a rewrite, and a redesign

Still need my coffee…
My credit card statement shows all the truth
Thank God for coffee
Last night’s tab had too many 80 proofs
Maybe bulletproof coffee?
Better straighten out, don’t wanna end up workin the tollbooth
Ghee in my coffee

No more, dancing on the town
Must bring my credit card statement down
Next time I’ll be leaving before the sundown
And I gotta stop drinking Crown
I said no more Crown
Save up for that ball gown
And best to avoid Germantown
Yeah, no more Germantown

Finally got my coffee
Clap along if you feel like raising the roof
Extra caffeinated coffee
Man, feeling great, now I know I’m bulletproof
Awake and happy
Look who’s winning, just needed that extra oomph
Because of coffee
Coffee, coffee, coffee…..

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