For My KSU Homies – And One Special Bride To Be

This goes out to my KSU homies
The school yard kids with the sick dreads
Slinging coffee, playing hacky, picking up those academic creds.

Now let’s throw it back to two thousand and one
Living in a small world, in Apple
And rising with the sun

Packing up that quiet life
In little Fremont
Heading east toward the city
The AK-Ron

Leaving mom, dad, and Jake and the pup
On her way to a voyage
In art, academics, and fun, yes’ sup!

So much opportunity awaited
Little did she know
12 years later in the Falls
still living in the snow.

Working at Ho-oly Family
Slinging paint, throwing clay
Still single though and mom now she thinks she might be gay

But little did LuAnn know
Allison was on a quest
Dating matchless dudes
But searching for the best

Then one day I get a call
About a newby mr Sean
I’m in Lakewood she says
Still not sure if she wants him gone

Come on by I say and let’s have a chat
Just have fun, go play, buy a kitkat
Now fast forward many months and now several years
And here we’re celebrating
Throwing up many cheers

Allison finally found him
The paint to her portrait
The humor to her laugh
The style not corporate

In October they wed
To many in Tremont
With Lots of dancing
And parties and maybe kids is what’s ahead

So here is to you
miss Allison Derr
Much loved much deserved
A toast and a hangover cure


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