Friends and Food

IMG_4606This little bowl is a snapshot of all the good people and their influential gifts in my life.

This little bowl is:

Walking through Tokyo to the Fish Market with Mom.

Eating ramen lunch with Nicole and Jason in NYC.

Plated in a bowl from Rachael in France, in a homemade bowl from Tanzania

Plated with hippie noodles and homemade broth.

With turkey grown raised by Mark in Peninsula.

Topped with homemade kimchi inspired by John V. in Portland

Garnished with leftover cilantro from Jackie.

Filled with seasonings inspired by Morocco and India

Eaten with real Chinese chopsticks from Mario

On a counter from Jillian

So when I feel like I have nothing great to live for and I am stagnant and living out more regret than purpose, I can turn to this bowl and this moment and know how fortunate I have it. Gratitude and grace is the greatest of foods.


An over-dressed unwelcome guest

An over-dressed unwelcome guest